With empowerment of farmers and end consumers at its core, NeoponicsTM is redefining agricultural practices by using the unparalleled power of technology to maximise yield with minimal resources

Our Services

Setting-up NeofarmsTM

Setting-up NeofarmsTM

Supply, erection and online management of the NeofarmsTM

Contract farming

Contract farming

NeoponicsTM works with the interested farmers in setting up the NeofarmsTM on a contractual basis

Crop production

Crop production

Standardisation of cultural practices for crop production for NeofarmsTM. This is our core strength

Crop Recipe Standardization

Crop Recipe Standardization

Manipulating the growth regulating parameters, we can produce agro designer products without genetical intervention

Manufacturing NeofarmTM equipment

Manufacturing NeofarmTM equipment

The manufacture and fabrication of equipment required for the NeofarmsTM is done by NeoponicsTM.

Production of NeofarmTM mineral nutrients

Manufacturing NeofarmTM mineral nutrients

The compilation of three formulations to provide maximum minerals, is produced and supplied.

Looking at setting up a Neofarm?
We offer end-to-end services

Our Salient features



Our engineering sub-systems enable multiple crops to be grown at the same time on the Neofarm


High Crop cycles

All the growth regulating parameters maintained at optimum levels, ensure increased number of crop cycles


Agro-designer product

Our years of research has empowered us to manipulate growth regulating parameters to achieve specification based output without any genetic intervention


Guaranteed yield

Our methods guarantee 10 to 20 times more crop yield than usual


Intelligent climate control

We employ intelligent climate control to support crop growth to its maximum potential


Remote monitoring

Our team has developed an automatic sensing and activating system for all critical parameters, which can be monitored remotely


All Season production

With the climate control systems crops can produce throughout the year


Water Conservative Farm

Water usage reduced by 95% compared to traditional farming


High Productivity

10x to 40x increase in productivity based on crop